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Sunday, March 17, 2013


I don't quite understand what was goin', goin' ON during the avant garde intro of this track (which probably diminished its chances for radio success), but the ten seconds of banging around and string drone is practically an accidental precursor to the psychedelic era. Especially odd for a lovely soul ballad!

Beautiful harmonies, complex melodic structure, unique chord changes- this is one sophisticated record!

The Broadways released two singles on MGM, and they promptly faded into the Asbury Park, NJ club scene. Lead singer Billy Brown was also gainfully employed by the Ford Motor Co. Fate DID intervene for Billy, and he was scouted out to become a member of 70's hit makers The Moments, and he eventually became the "Brown" in (Moments offshoot) Ray, Goodman and Brown.

from 1966...


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