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Friday, March 15, 2013


(originally posted 3/24/09)

Not much was known about the lead singer of this track (a mysterious northern soul favorite for many years) until DJ/ producer Ian Levine tied the story together...

Starting life as Kendra Spotswood in New Jersey, around 1963 she met a new next door neighbor, none other than Van McCoy! Van (21 years old) began working with Kendra (then 17) on songs that he was composing. He renamed her Kenni Woods and cut her first record in 1964. They collaborated on many other projects throughout the years, under various names.

On this storming track, what sounds like a girl group is actually Kenni duetting with none other than Van himself!

She also was a touring member of the Shirelles in 1964. So, interestingly enough, this record goes hand in hand with yesterday's entry!

from 1968...


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kool_au said...

Thanks for the reposts. I missed them the first time round.