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Friday, January 1, 2010


Known either as SPRING (for their LP) or American Spring (for this 45 release), this group was made up of sisters Marilyn (Wilson) Rovell and Diane Rovell (formerly of THE HONEYS) with Brian Wilson himself behind the boards.

On first listen, this song may seem half baked and repetitious (not to mention the Rovell sisters don't have the strongest voices, although what they lack in power they make up in charm), but something about it keeps drawing me back. The chord progression is classic Brian Wilson, and his production is just magnificent (especially the oboe!) especially surprising considering this track was recorded when he was at a very bad time personally. Perhaps co-producer David Sandler truly helped him "get it together" for this session.

Sounds great to me on a new year's day, too.

from 1973...


1 comment:

Paul said...

Nice one! Did Brian Wilson write this song himself? I am familiar with the work he did for American Spring, but this is new to me.