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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


While I wish I could say that my records come completely from digging, that simply would not be the case (although this one MAY have, I simply can't remember). I spend a lot of time trolling ebay and always have the maximum 100 saved searches going at all times. A few weeks ago while looking at 45's, I saw this one going for quite a bit of dough and thought "wait a second, I THINK I have that on the shelf!". Of course as I often state, value is never a deciding factor in what goes on this blog; there have been quite a few gems that can be had for a few dollars featured, and the amount of 45's that can be purchased for next to nothing that are GREAT MUSIC is staggering.

Admittedly, I had even forgotten what this jam even SOUNDED like, so imagine my surprise when I slapped it on the turntable and heard this amazing "Soulful Strut" style shufflin' instrument dance happily out of my speakers. The poor, neglected record found itself moved to the front of high priority transfers, so here you go.

Formed as a jazz outfit in 1964, Kool & The Gang of course went on to massive success after morphing into a funk outfit in the late 60's; this single was pulled from the New Jersey group's 1969 debut LP.

from 1969...



Andrew Tonkin said...

Derek - Your blog is fantastic, exactly what I'd do if I had time, wit, and discipine. And good taste. And all your records. If I was you, in other words.

Anyway, great slab! KATG had a few amazing jazz funk instro B-sides back in the day... Dujii, North South East West, and now this, which I'll have to keep an eye out for. Fantastic!

Derek See said...

Thanks for your kind words, Andrew! YES, I love Dujii, as well- GREAT one!!!!

Lolololori said...

ahhh i love your blog, it must be said

Derek See said...

awww thank you for your kind words, Lori!!!!