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Friday, January 29, 2010


The phenomena of "beach music" is fascinating; almost like an American version of the Northern Soul cult, and many times the two intertwine (such as on this record). Still popular in South Carolina beach towns, beach music playlists range from early r&b, rockabilly, Motown, NOLA; basically anything that people can dance the shag to.

The Embers (here led by singer Jackie Gore) are a group (although judging by their website, no members are original) that are still active, regularly gigging around the southern beach resorts. I was very surprised to learn that they are and were an all white group!

A few years back I bought some records from a lady who was transplanted from South Carolina to right here in the bay area. She was probably in her late sixties, and still very beautiful. Told me stories about what it was like back in the early sixties in Myrtle Beach, including the night she risked all social taboos and danced all night with Otis Redding. She had this record and played it for me and danced around a little bit, then had a change of heart and decided to keep it. Was I upset? No way! I knew another copy would come up. Not to mention meeting her and hearing her stories was worth far more to me anyway.

from 1969...


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Unknown said...

Every bit as popular in North Carolina. The Chairmen of the Board were a good live band, but "I Love Beach Music" by The Embers was the worst song on North Carolina oldies stations.