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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Six feet tall, blonde and drop dead gorgeous, Chris Clark was also the first white woman to be signed to Motown (and for damn good reason!). Her incredibly sultry and powerful vocals are the thing of legend (all time monster "Love's Gone Bad' was featured here a few years back). Sadly, she never received the fame she deserved.

This record is her debut single, and I absolutely love the slow burning feel; top notch musicians, top notch singer, ace song.

California born and bred, Chris now lives about 60 miles north of where I do, and while I missed a performance she gave a few years back (sadly, didn't hear about it til after the fact) I'm hoping she will come out and perform again. And Chris, if you happen to be looking, we will gladly offer up our group THE BANG to back you up (we already have "Love's Gone Bad" on our set list)!!!!

from 1965...



RichardSibello said...

Actually, Debbie Dean was the first white woman signed to Motown, and Connie Van Dyke was the second.

Derek See said...

Yep you got me. Should have stated that Chris was the first who sang in a soulful style. The others are very pop, IMO.

john p said...

Chris appeared live in the UK last year, with Mable John & Brenda Holloway as part of the Motown 50th anniversary celebrations.

You can see amateur clips of Chris performing Love's Gone Bad & Do I Love you at the Jazz Cafe (London) on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

She is fine Blue-Eyed soul singer. W.