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Friday, January 22, 2010


A friend of the blog wrote the other day and asked for some psych/ garage; I am happy to oblige. Granted my collection of that stuff is smaller than my soul collection, but I love a good psych/beat song as much as the next guy/gal.

This Canadian monster was recorded during a non-hit period for this group that hit big in '65 with 'Shakin' All Over" and then achieved massive success in the late 60's/70's.

In my humble opinion, this and "Shakin" are their two finest blasts, bar none.

TO MY FRIENDS IN EUROPE- I will be visiting quite a few countries in April/ May, then again in July working with a band, and would love to book some DJ gigs on my off nights. I have something booked in London (exciting!) and please contact me if you can help elsewhere.

from 1967...



Iconoclassic Books said...

AWESOME choice! One of my favorite of the early Guess Who records. They're from my hometown (Winnipeg, MB) and they were like our own personal Beatles back-in-the-day.

YankeeBoy said...

I gotta agree with 92.9 - this is one great record. Too bad they became AOR Led Zep wannabees. With your great taste in music I would love to hear your band. Perhaps you can post something sometime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Derek!! RobD

Derek See said...

Yankeeboy, there are a few places you can hear (both) of my bands.

Careless Hearts (roots rock)


Then I'm also in girl group "The Bang" check us out here:

mister mark said...

yep, this is a fucking monster of a record!

Paul said...

Curious, what's the A-side?

risser said...

Sweet tune! Thanks!

Poison Ivy said...

Where are you DJing in London, Derek? Hit me up, I may able to help you out! snuffkittenATgmail.com

Iconoclassic Books said...

The A side to this was the more serene "His Girl."