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Monday, September 20, 2010


A lovely message to help shake away the Monday blues!

All I know is that Charles Conrad was from Houston, TX and that showed off a beautiful, rich voice on this sweet track. Plus, any records with those nifty little melodic hooks on the intro (here played on xylophone) always grab me. Any more info would be appreciated as always.

from 1968...


Unknown said...

Very nice. Thank you!

Greenockian said...

Going from the sublime (great choice by the way) to the ridiculous: http://img.houstonpress.com/player/?i=2387440

Sounds like the same singer doesn't it?


brianbrora said...

Never heard of the guy, but he sure does have a nice voice. Very catchy tune as well. Many thanks for sharing .

ana-b said...

Just a guess, but I'm thinking Charles Conrad may well have been a member of Soul Bros Inc. who for whatever reason got top billing on a couple of records.

Soul Bros Inc. self-released a good chunk of their output. Their SBI label issued only their 45's and nothing else. Shandy looks like it may have been a similar beastie as all 3 releases are Soul Bros Inc. related.

What do ya think? Is the Arthur Wright listed as arranger on the label the same Arthur Wright who worked at Motown for years? He did do a bunch of work for small labels.