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Monday, September 13, 2010


Hearkening back to almost a late 50's hard r&b sound, yet with the then modern sound of the Stax band blazing behind, this is one heck of a record. I love how the horns are pushing the tempo while the rhythm section stands its ground all the while Dorothy keeps reaching higher and higher into the stratosphere with her vocals. Powerful stuff!

I only know of one other release from Dorothy Williams; surprising as she was quite a belter! She co-wrote this record with Stax hero guitarist/ producer/ writer Steve Cropper.

from 1964...


Ronald de Graaff said...

In one word: great!


Z j A k said...

WOUHAAAAA ! Best post this week with Tina & Ikettes on >jammagica<
Many thanks for the sharing of your great collection I've just discovered and I'll be back Master !

Unknown said...

One heck of a record, indeed. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Her only other known recording was Isaac Hayes and Sidney Bailey's "The Well's Gones Dry" in 1965.
The A side "Closer To My Baby" is also great.


Anonymous said...

She also had a record "Country Style". It appears on the album "The Goldwax Story Volume 2."

"The Well's Gone Dry" appears on the album "The Goldwax Story Volume 1."

"Closzer To My Baby" is on "The Complete Stax Singles 1959-1968."