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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Although the quality of releases from Detroit's Lee Rogers was incredibly high, he only had one minor national hit ("I Want You To Have Everything" hit #17 on the Billboard R&B charts). Lee certainly deserved more; this is (I think) the sixth side of his that I've featured on this blog.

Sounding eerily similar to Marvin Gaye, this ominous cut is one of those records that has a great moody edge but it's still a great "mover". Incredible!

from 1964...


strandwolf said...

I'm a huge fan of his "Just You and I", the flip of "Boss Love" on the D-Town label. Had not heard "Sad Affair" before, and am mightily impressed. The man could sing, up and down.

Unknown said...

This is great. What an excellent tune. Thank you!

ana-b said...

You have no idea how hard you've hooked me on Lee Rogers. Did the man ever do anything that wasn't totally fabulous? If so, I haven't found it yet.

Anonymous said...

You can't imagine how it's good to hear this song after a month without internet connection.
Thank You Derek.