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Monday, April 18, 2011


Before anyone starts freaking out and worrying that I've veered too far off the path with this post, let me reassure you that (while I dig plenty of 80's music) I am not gonna make a habit of posting anything else from the 80's. It just so happens that this record is so unspeakably scarce (and great) that all of us who have loved Ferris Bueller's Day Off (hell, I've based my life upon the principles set forth in that movie) for so many years truly DESERVE to have this song on their ipod.

When I worked at a record store ('91-'96) one of the most common requests was for the FBDO soundtrack to which I would have to reply, SORRY, there never was one; this was almost certainly followed by a question of the likes of "well where can I get that song that plays while they drive away in the Ferrari"? which was followed by "sorry, NOWHERE."

Turns out, John Hughes had a run of promo singles cut of "Beat City" that were distributed in incredibly limited numbers. After years of searching, I've only seen two, and both have surfaced recently (including the one that now resides in the Northern California 45 Sanctuary (aka my home). The other one (the first to surface) the seller wants a kings ransom for (which I almost paid until this copy popped up).

The big question is: why didn't the Flowerpot Men release this officially? They had 3 or 4 other releases???? And, for the record, these Flower Pot Men have nothing to do with the hippie dippy late 60's Flower Pot Men ('Let's Go To San Francisco').

So, just in time for spring, I present to you the perfect song for top down transportation. Not all that odd that I feature it on this blog afterall; that guitar line is straight out of 1966.

from 1985...



Holly said...

Very cool ;-)

Charlie said...

Genius. Thank You.

Dominiek said...

Love it! I wouldn't mind hearing more from the 80s.

DJWaterman said...

One thing I liked about divshare was I could just click and listen to the tunes as I read your descriptions of them, whereas now we have to download them first and its a kind of one step removed process. Mind you I'm not going to complain as you gotta do what works.
I wonder at the thinking behind divshare's decision though.
In my world I just refuse to believe the 80's ever happened (although I do have quite a few records with that date on em so maybe...naaa).

Anonymous said...

I battled you for this 7" on eBay! I just scored my copy on eBay last Saturday for $16. Arrived today, and here to stay!

Flowerpot Fan said...

Any chance of re-posting this song? The link is dead and I too would love to have this on my iPod...:-)