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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Just LISTEN to that groove that the band lays out within the first few seconds...WHOA, absolute magic. Without getting too deep into "musician speak", the bass guitar is SO locked in with the drummer and his kick drum on this cut it's almost as if they're sharing a brain. THEN Otis Clay comes in doing his amazing Otis Clay thing and I'm out cold.

No surprise that the production credit goes to that genius Syl Johnson (I wouldn't be surprised if "LJ Welsh" is a Syl pseudonym, either and that he wrote the track). What an amazing display of TALENT. In this day and age of plastic manufactured groups, American (non) Idols not to mention rock bands that have no heart and guts, it just makes THE REAL THING sound even better. And this is THE REAL THING. Music written and performed by people who spent their lives perfecting their craft and kept going despite the odds.

from 1970...



Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff! I had the joy of seeing Otis Clay perform in NYC this winter, with Eli Paperboy Reed helping out. It was a really great show. Love the man! W

Gary's 45s said...

Derek, in regard to the whole download issue, it appears that it is no longer possible to download from the embedded divshare player. To test this, I opened my own divshare account and uploaded a few mp3s. When I tried to download (by clicking on the right side of the player), I got only the divshare sign-up page. So, next, I copied the download URL for the mp3 (ex. http://www.divshare.com/download/...), to an email. I clicked on the link and I got the familiar download page. I was then able to download the mp3. So, it appears the only option to restore download ability to your site is to add the download URL links to your posts. I've seen this done on a few other music blogs where a download link appeared either above or below the embedded player. I hope this information is helpful because I really want to download Little Gary Ferguson! Gary

Anonymous said...

DivShare links not working?

Anonymous said...

same thing with div share today. you could just use mediafire, gives you about 150 mb free and the links never seem to fo dead.
great site by the way
thanks, Torch

Anonymous said...

thank you
link don't work

Anonymous said...

Same here. Divshare not doing its job for last 2 records. Hope this gets fixed.Thanks for the great blog though Derek!

Gyro1966 said...

Too bad we can't get the songs to download anymore. I miss my daily dose of Derek's 45's!

Anonymous said...

Great site but what's happened with divshare, it no longer provides download options

any pointers?

SoulStrutter said...

Hi Derek

Having the same problems as others. It seems Divshare have changed their policies.

I attach an extract from their support page. It looks like you nee to provide the URL link to enable download now!

How do I view or download from DivShare?

To view or download a file you’ve uploaded, login to your member dashboard and click on the filename you wish to access. You’ll then be taken to a download page where you can view and download the file. To download a file someone else has uploaded, you’ll need to obtain the unique download link from the original uploader, as user uploaded files are not public or searchable.


Derek See said...

OK, all. I figured it out and will be switching to mediafire for the hosting, which will allow all files to be downloaded easily.

AndrewT said...

Thanks for making the change back to mediafire, Derek. You really care about your fans and it is appreciated.

John said...

Hi Derek - any chance of getting this upped on mediafire.

Soul-strutter - hope you see this as been trying to get in touch - can you check links on your more recent posts for your NS Top 600.

clawthing said...

Link is now working! A wonderful track anyway, must be one of my favourites out of all that you've posted Derek over the last 2-odd years I've been reading. Thank you so much for this, and for all the others (have lost count) I've loved and might never have heard were it not for your blog