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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'll first preface by stating that I posted the amazing Joe Tex original recording of this record two years ago, but this version is so fantastic it deserves to be heard as well.

The V.I.P's were a group formed in remote Carlisle, UK and have a very interesting history. The group released a few failed singles, became known as Art for one glorious 45 ("Rome Take Away Three") and an LP, then morphed into Spooky Tooth. Keith emerson (pre-Nice) was also in the group at (I think) the time this record was recorded.

This was one of the records I featured on a recent piece in Soul Up North 'zine focusing on favorite white covers of soul records. While purists may scoff at these records such as this, one must remember the love and respect that England and the European continent extended towards jazz, blues and r&b musicians during the days of segregation in the United States which was still an ugly reality.

from 1966...


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Greenockian said...

Derek - great choice of record. Definitely one of the most under-rated UK bands from the 60's - simply a matter of too much strong competition I'd guess. Probably wipe the floor if they went out today!
Anyway here's a couple of links you may like with info and more sounds including their great "Straight down to the bottom" on the Mypage site: