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Monday, April 11, 2011


In an interesting twist, years after she left Motown, the great Kim Weston covered this Motown classic (originally cut by the Marvelettes) and made it her OWN. I love how during the first verse she plays it cool, then by the second verse starts unleashing some serious vocal firepower.

Arranger Mickey Stevenson was also Weston's husband, who was also working for Motown and left at the same time as Kim, and co-arranger Clarence Paul was also a Motown employee during Motown's golden era. So here we have a glorious reunion of sorts with three under-appreciated Motown giants; all bask in the glory!

I believe that this was also the debut single release on James Brown's "People" record label.

from 1970...


AndrewT said...

I'd heard rumors of this record, but never heard/saw it before. Nice catch, Derek. Once again, the visual is as exciting as the tune.

radness said...

Man, I just can't thank you enough for;

1. collecting these amazing records
2. taking the time to rip, research and post the songs
3. making them downloadable.

I've been grabbing them from the streams, but just saw you can go and just download, which is great. I'm amassing a great collection of classic music I would never have heard, thanks to you.

Masses of gratitude to you, sir.

Darcy said...

B side is great too, and it's cheap as chips, so no excuses - every home should have one!