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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Here is one of the most obscure Motown singles of them all; The Vows were a west coast group who recorded for many different labels, and also appeared as The Vowels. Lead singer Morris Chestnut, who lays out a seriously intense lead vocal on this track, met up with a Los Angeles based doo-wop group called the Vows after his service discharge in 1961. The group was noticed by the L.A offices of Motown publisher Jobete, and after a west coast single sunk without a trace, Motown still saw potential in the group and released this single on their V.I.P subsidiary. Sadly, it too saw no success but as evidenced by what was in the grooves, this group certainly had talent.

from 1965...



Anonymous said...

Are you not going to be using the divShare players anymore? ;-(

Derek See said...

No, I'll continue to use divshare. It was non-functional for a few days so I had to resort to mediafire.