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Saturday, January 9, 2010


This is one of those records that when I hear it, I'm amazed that something this intense can even exist, and after that point I accept it and just realize how thankful I am that records like this WERE made, as they are the juice that keeps this blog going.

From Lafayette, LA, Carol Fran became a professional musician at 15 years old (1948) in a career that found her performing all over Louisiana, not only as a featured performer but also as backing pianist for the likes of Lazy Lester and Slim Harpo. Her piano playing on this record is chilling, and her vocals are simply out of this world (especially the "he should be pulling a rabbit out of a hat" line- good GOD what a performance). When this record was cut, Carol was briefly based in new York City, and this is actually the flip side of "Crying In The Chapel" (which was made into a huge hit by Elvis Presley, stealing Carol's possibility of getting a hit with the record).

Carol is still performing!

from 1964...


1 comment:

risser said...

Wow, what a great tune. I agree that the rabbit out of a hat line really caught my ear. So nice, I had to hear it twice. Thanks for all your effort!