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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I WISH I could say I was lucky enough to own an original of this record; in fact, I find it one of only a choice few 45's that truly deserves its incredibly high price tag (almost always over $2000).

So, unless I get extremely lucky digging one day, I'll be very satisfied with a bootleg-repro copy of this incredible record.

I'm a MASSIVE fan of the Solid Hit/ Revilot records stable (especially the early productions of George Clinton, as this one is). The records have SO much feel to them, as well as a very SPOOKY aura. This one is no exception, with Pat Lewis always stellar vocals mixed with powerful strings and underneath it all a superb song.

from 1967...


1 comment:

SoulBoogieAlex said...

I have always found that the early Gearge Clintin productions already hinted at some of the madness Clinton would allow to get to the surface in later days. Great stuff. If any single is worth $2000 though!

Btw, check out my fresh new blog as well, you might recognise a single. Thanks for that tip!