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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I try my best to keep things well balanced over here, but with the massive amount of Chicago soul records that I love it can be very difficult to feature anything BUT Chicago soul. Today's offering is yet another example of that 60's Chi-town magic.

Almost punk rock-like in its velocity and brevity (would have fit perfectly on Elvis Costello's "Get Happy" LP), this track just keeps firing off one hook after another in just over a minute and a half. While the label doesn't say it, Curtis Mayfield probably produced this track, and allegedly it was the first session recorded for his newly formed Curtom records. For whatever reason, it was not released on Curtom but one of Mayfield's other labels that was relatively dormant at the time.

from 1967...


Anonymous said...

"Amazing" little gem! Thanks Derek. Marie

brianbrora said...

Never heard this before, but it sounds great. Many thanks.