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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Chicago's fantastic reissue label Numero Group has just released an epic box set covering the first decade of the incredible Syl Johnson's recorded legacy, and I give it my absolute highest recommendation as an essential purchase for anyone reading this blog.

I'm very proud to say that I have a very tiny part in this set in that Numero used a scan of my copy of "Do You Know What Love Is" for the beautiful, lavish booklet included in the set. There's no better time than now to repost that incredible gem of a song, released in 1966 and until now has been one of Syl's toughest tracks to track down.

I can say without hesitation that Syl is not only one of my all time favorite artists, and hopefully this set will spread the word to those who are unaware of this man's genius. Syl is highly skilled at song writing, guitar slinging, producing and THAT VOICE... That voice is soul music personified. I've seen him live recently and it's incredible to see and hear a man in his 70's have so much energy with a voice that has lost none of its power and majesty. All hail Syl!!!


buthead said...

Got an absolute mint copy of the awesome double sider on Special Agent. Mine's a white demo too as the red issue's are a different take.
ATB, Craig

Gyro1966 said...

Ok Derek - You made me break down and order a new copy of this box set for $52 from Amazon. Good price for such a nice collection.

Anonymous said...

He is awesome. I had the joy of seeing him play a few years ago at the Ponderosa Stomp and he's still got it. W.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know i will be talking live to Syl Johnson on sunday night at 8-pm uk time on The Right Track soul show please click link for past interviews
and this one for sundays show