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Monday, November 29, 2010


A long time Daily 45 subscriber/ friend wrote and recently asked me why I never featured this song; it was yet another instance where I was almost positive that I had (in the very early days of this blog) but I did a quick search and found I hadn't (shame on me!)

This record is not only (yet another) highpoint of Chicago soul delivered by Jerry Butler's younger brother, but was also one of the defining tracks of the early days of the UK's northern soul movement. The driving beat, uplifting lyrics and overall excitement set the standard for a disc that would find favor on the northern scene (for those who don't know this phenomenon here it is in a nutshell; in the late 60s, British record dealers noticed that buyers from the north of England liked a certain type of record. Namely, ones with the driving Motown style beat, tuneful vocals and high excitement leading to the classification "northern soul". The movement was massive throughout the seventies with all night dance parties, and has continued in popularity with diehards worldwide of which I include myself within the ranks! If any of my English friends who read this blog and want to chime in, feel free!) Also, big thanks to the UK scene who gave these artists a second life in their careers that they so justly deserve.

I am always amazed at how this record remains so tuneful holding onto one chord as it builds up excitement in such a subtle way, all the while Billy pushes his vocals just a LITTLE bit more throughout the song until the downright explosive final verse and chorus take it home. Just listen to the way he starts enunciating certain words; pure GENIUS! Practically every record bearing the names Gerald Sims and Carl Davis are worth hearing; these two had a knack for this sort of thing which created some of the most sublime music ever cut to wax.

from 1966...


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Greenockian said...

Another GREAT choice my man! Here's Mr Butler himself (albeit somewhat older): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI1dd90WlYc
And for soem idea of what the Northern scene was about look here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2NySUcbv3w&feature=related
It was a working class, benny fuelled dance marathon centred on a love of deep soul and respect for each other and the musicians.
And where DID John Travolta get his SNF moves from ... I wonder?
Keep the faith!