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Thursday, November 18, 2010


This New York group released only a small handful of singles, and their lack of chart success did not match their high level of talent. INCREDIBLE group vocals on both sides of this record, and both songs are strong; I love the unexpected twists and turns on "The Boy & The Girl".

This is yet another one of those records that when listening to it I feel very privileged to be able to HEAR this stuff, let alone own the actual artifact (but when it comes down to it, that's the same with every record I post; sometimes I just think about it more than others!). A huge thank you to all of the trailblazing, brave artists (and also those in the biz that believed in this music) who struggled, kept trying, and shared their talents with the world. As long as there are ears and turntables you will never be forgotten!

from 1966...


Anonymous said...

hi derek;
LOVE this record. i bought a nice copy in the mid-80's & also put it on cassette & have been trying to find either for the past few years to listen to, so thanks for this. has this ever been comped?
also, i see you have 3 vernon garrett 45's up. do you have his "angel doll" on venture? stunning 2-sider with both, i think, sides co-written by stevie wonder/clarence paul. again, i've never seen it on any soul/no. soul collection......

Serene Dominic said...

Is that the Richard Tee, later of Stuff fame? Great find!

Unknown said...

Excellent record. B-Side is my favorite. Thank you!

Unknown said...

we have a copy of this on a yellow Verve dj Derek! is this considered the rarer copy? just cannot find any information about it!
Love both sides!!