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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mystery time!

I know nothing about Joe-L, but I *THINK* this is a Detroit record. I really love the odd twists and turns in the song and the vocal melody. Doesn't have that potential hit sound to my ears, but I find this record so strangely compelling.

I'm guessing at the year; any other info would be appreciated!

from c1968...


philippe erville said...

found this on the net:
Joe L. Carter Detroit Bluesman, Joe L. Carter, moved to Detroit in 1948 at the age of nine and started his musical career at 12.. In 1964, Joe L. took at job at the Ford Rouge Assembly Plant. It was Joe L.’s experience in the auto plant that inspired him to write his famous blues song, Please Mr. Foreman in 1968. Please Mr. Foreman became the unofficial anthem of factory workers and agricultural workers who identified with the song’s powerful and poignant lyrics. Joe L. has performed artists such as Bo-Bo Jenkins, Little Sony, Joe Weaver, BB King, Muddy Waters, Little Milton and John Lee Hooker, to name a few. J In 2007 Joe L. recorded the theme song to the documentary, The Water Front, after learning how so many poor people were affected by water policies in Highland Park, Michigan. Please Mr. Waterman is his dedication to the people in Highland Park and the individuals fighting to defend the rights of the poor and water as a human right.

ana-b said...

Joe L's real name was Joe L. Carter. He had a couple of releases on Hi, as well singles on Valtone, BJ, Audrey, and of course Clissac.

Please Mister Foreman, the flip of your record, was a mild hit. He re-cut it for one of the Hi singles.

This info is a fine example of the one-stop-shopping available at the Soulful Detroit forum...I take no credit.

Wumpus said...

Joe L's "I Can't Stand It" on Hi is phenomenal. It's available on several comps, including Hi Deep Soul Brothers.

Unknown said...

This is a great tune. I've never heard it before. Thank you!