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Friday, November 19, 2010


With his voice soaring over the gritty, funky band, this record shows off the RAW Detroit sound that was happening just before the slicker Motown sound was stamped out and adopted by virtually everyone in the motor city.

Nate was only 19 when he cut this record (a year after his debut hit "Village Of Love".) By 1966, he was off of Fortune records and off of the scene. His whereabouts were unknown until he staged a comeback in 2002, releasing a few albums and touring (in fine voice and energy) until his untimely death two years ago.

from 1963...


Anonymous said...

Good track! Makes me think just a little of Way Down Yonder in New Orleans? Thanks Derek.

Unknown said...

I've liked everything I've ever heard by Nathaniel Mayer. This record is no exception. Thank you!

Tony Russell said...

very nice indeed