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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A super cool double sider, made even more exciting by the presence of none other than Jimi Hendrix blazing on guitar during one of his earliest sessions.

Just like Hendrix, vocal and sax man Youngblood was transplanted into the bustling New York City music scene (he was born in Augusta, Georgia) and odds are the two met while playing with Curtis Knight & The Squires. Lonnie & Jimi obviously had a great chemistry that was demonstrated on this record (as well as on their other single together, "Go Go Shoes") and while Jimi only gets scant opportunities to cut loose, it's clear from Jimi's breaks on "Bessie Mae" that all the pieces were in place for Hendrix to turn the music world upside down only mere months after this record was cut.

This record has erroneously been credited to 1963 many times, due to the "mistake" date on the label, common to so many Cameo-Parkway (and Motown) record labels.

from 1966...



brianbrora said...

May thanks for this. Lonnie Youngblood went on to be part of the All Platinum Records set up, I believe, both as a recording artist in his own right, and as a session musician on many of their other records.

ana-b said...

That's a very nice copy. Thanks.

Glad you included "Bessie Mae", it almost always gets skipped over.

Oh, I think I forgot to say Happy Birthday. Here's to many many more posts! May your records never get dirty, and your stylus never wear out.

Unknown said...

Excellent A and B side. Both tunes are great. Thank you!