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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Man, what a FUNKY version of this Motown classic!!!! Brenda has an ultra cool vocal delivery, the drumming is outtasite, the truly odd thing is that the bass is mixed ridiculously loud (but I'm not complaining- it just makes for a nice garage/ basement kinda sound).

I know nothing of this record; web searches on the artist and Rare Bird records leave me empty handed. Anybody know anything??? I'm guessing on the year as well.

from c1970...


strandwolf said...

That has got to be Brenda Payton. I know THAT voice.

Anonymous said...

Not on Rare Bird, but Black Falcon:


Anonymous said...



..and from http://www.gsrrecords.com/about_us.html :

"Rev. Allen Cuffey BA. AS.

Starting as leader of Long Islands legendary band “The Crimson 5” multi instrumentalist, vocalist , engineer and producer Allen Cuffey has been blessed.

From their debut performance opening for Sly and the Family Stone at Palisades Amusement Park NJ, the band signed their first record deal with Indie label Rare Bird records which got them a chart hitting single, a cover of Frankie Lymon’s “I’m So Young” followed by “Orange Krate” an instrumental written by younger brother Bill Cuffey.

PS: Many thanks for all of the wonderful records you've shared!!!

ana-b said...

The record issued previous to this on Rare Bird is "Going Back To Louisiana/Got to Get Back To Louisiana" by Elmer and Brenda Parker [a married couple?]. It's on my serious "must have" list.

I've wondered about this label myself. The 45 I mentioned above and one you posted are the only two releases I've seen, although the numbering suggests there are others.

Woodworker said...

Just want to thank you for all the hard work you put in.

Derek See said...

Thanks for all the info and speculation, all! Woodworker, thank you but it never feels like work!!!!!

Unknown said...

Very cool. Thank you!