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Friday, November 26, 2010


Initially formed in Dayton, OH as an a capella group while still in high school, The Continentals eventually enlisted a group started by a classmate called the London Fog to be their backing group. In turn, these youngsters formed Dayton's first integrated band! This great record was picked up for national distribution by Imperial Records; sadly, they couldn't get it into the hit status that it deserved. This is one of those songs where arrangement and delivery tell the story so well; the slow burning groove and vocals that are laid back but soulful as all get out!

The song was written by Brenda Lee Jones (who we heard from a few weeks back on the kinda silly but still infectious "Love Game" side recorded as Brenda Lee Mason).

from 1968...




Anonymous said...

love this slow groove! if you have anymore from these guys, would love to hear it, unless you've already done so and they can be found in the archives somewhere?

Holly said...

Yes, I'm with anonymous -great stuff!

Jacques Boum said...

I got this one on imperial.
The flipside is also worth listening to, in fact I got it for Trippin'...
Oh, and they spell themselves "London Fogg" on imperial.

Trippin' on youtube: