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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

The other day, I had a memory from around 30 years ago (I would have been around 5 years old) get triggered into my head; who knows where these things come from, but it popped into my mind and I was very pleased to remember! I grew up in a very musical environment- my mom is a musician, and my uncle had a drool worthy record collection and state of the art 1977 hi-fi. Both of them gave me piles of records from the 60s in my very early days that began my collecting obsession. But back to this memory; mom and I were driving somewhere in her c1971 Chevy Malibu listening to the Rascals Greatest Hits on the 8 track when THIS jam came on. She cranked it up louder and told me this was always one of her favorites and my young mind certainly agreed; it's impossible to resist Dino Danelli's relentless drumming, Felix Cavaliere's Hammond organ and vocals added to the tight and the overall butt kicking soulful ensemble playing of these guys. Plus, it's one of those songs that just MOVES you; Come On Up? Where? It doesn't matter- just have a good time.

As a musician myself, I am always reminded of my childhood days when I see little kids reacting and being excited when they hear and see someone playing music and THAT'S a kick. One of the greatest gifts a parent can give is to share these things with their kids. I know this from experience! And that is something to be very, very thankful for!

from 1966...


Stu Shea said...

you are so right. Sharing music with my nieces and nephew is one of my great joys. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!! Just reading the title of today's song triggered an old memory... of a high school dance, music playing in the darkened gym, dancing with a certain girl I haven't thought of in many (MANY!) years... a real "nostalgia moment" - surprising because I usually hate nostalgia!! It always amazes me, the way a piece of music can instantly tap in to those long-forgotten recesses of memory.

And your story about riding in the car with your aunt rang true as well - so much like an experience I just had recently. My son (who's 22) called me the other day - he said he'd heard an old song on the radio and it reminded him of riding in the car with me, listening to it when he was very young. He asked me the name of the artist/song title so he could download some more of that old music. I told him he didn't have to download it - I still had some of the old LP's and 45's, he was welcome to come and pick through them & take whatever he wanted. What better use for them than that?

Thanks again.

Mr.W said...

That just simply Rocks! Thanks!!

record collector said...

you mean your mom did drive a Chevy Malibu AND play her kid, a soulful early RASCALS tune ? Can this be possible?
My mum hated rock music and anything "countercultural" (I am a 60' er).
And she drove a VW or Honda compact.

RichardSibello said...

Ever heard the version by Thee Impalas on Whittier? It's even better than this one!!