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Monday, April 1, 2013


Bob Kayli is actually Robert Gordy, brother of Motown maven Berry Gordy. Just as Berry spread out the empire of Motown hits among four labels (Motown, Tamla, Gordy & Soul) to avoid radio stations feeling that they were playing too many Motown tracks, I would imagine that it was his idea for his borther to record under a pseudonym that didn't spell out nepotism.

This record has that perfect, dramatic (minor key), uptempo thing that was so common in r&b for just a few short years (and has gone on to massive popularity in the Belgian "Popcorn" scene). Bob turns in a fabulous vocal, and the female backing vocals are superb as well. The song is catchy, and, if it wasn't for the sadomasochistic lean to the lyrics probably could have been a big hit. Pretty risque stuff for 1962!

"Bob Kayli" released just a small handful of records, and eventually showed up in the film Lady Sings The Blues in the 1970's.

from 1962...


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