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Monday, April 15, 2013


(originally posted 4/08)

The Cryan' Shames (not to be confused with the English Cryin' Shames) hailed from the affluent Chicago suburb of Hinsdale. The group was heavily influenced by the British Invasion, and their biggest national hit was a cover of the Searchers "Sugar And Spice"; a record which landed them a contract with Columbia Records.

The groups' second LP, A Scratch In The Sky, found them taking a more ethereal direction undoubtedly influenced by the work of The Beatles Revolver, Brian Wilson c1966 and The Byrds. A strong Revolver influence is felt on this track, which is easily one of my favorite American records of the era. In fact, it was one of the very first 45's of the day, at the dawn of this blog five years ago.

"The Sailing Ship", with its melodic lift underlined by melancholy darkness is a masterpiece in every way- a brilliant song, fantastic vocals, and those DRUMS.

This song was brilliantly adapted by The Brian Jonestown Massacre as "Sailor" in 2001. I could listen to either version a dozen times in a row and still wanna hear it again.

from 1967...


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DJWaterman said...

I was only aware of the BJM version until now, in fact since I've been getting into all this early 60's American stuff I hear a lot of where the modern sounds comes from.