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Sunday, April 28, 2013


What more can be said about the great Gene Chandler? One of Chicago's legendary soul men has had more records posted on this blog than probably any other. It's more than fair to say I'm a massive fan of the man's performing, writing, production and talent scouting.

When this record was released in 1973, times were tough for Gene; it had been three years since his last hit ("Groovy Situation"), and it would be another three years before his next release. Unfortunately, as times were tough Gene resorted to dealing drugs and did some time in 1976. Thankfully, the man staged a comeback that included some minor hits (including a third remake of "Rainbow") and continues in FINE voice and showmanship on the oldies circuit. He can still create a state of pandemonium when he closes his show as The Duke Of Earl.

"Without You Here" is a song of great depth and features some of Gene's most restrained and smooth vocalization.

from 1973...


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